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Terry, thank you and all your crew for all your hard work. The house is gorgeous and well built. Everyone did a super job. I keep pinching myself as I can’t believe it’s mine. I always felt like you were building it as if you were building it for yourself. Thank you so much.

– Sharon S.

Terry, thank you for all you did for us; the house is beautiful and we are very pleased. I enjoyed working with you and admire how you do business.

– Randy S.

We are very pleased with the end result and the process/relationship with Terry Hoff and his team. We will continue to use him for any future construction projects. We also have had no hesitation recommending Terry to other neighbours and friends who are considering construction projects. Key points:


  • Terry produces work of unfailingly high quality and finish. Terry is a perfectionist and is committed to an exceptionally fine outcome. That said, Terry was always willing to listen to and incorporate our desires and ideas. He was always willing to try new and special ideas such as veneer paneling and a frameless glass shower door. The end result in both cases exceeded our expectations.
  • Terry delivers good value and excellent cost tracking and control. There were no surprises with this project. The cost estimates were complete and Terry delivered against them. The only exceptions were changes that we added such as remodeling the master bedroom and bathroom –not included in the original scope‐ or unforeseen and unavoidable surprises such as squirrel damage to the third floor electric wiring left over from the original construction.
  • Good, effective and team‐based leadership of his sub‐contractors. Terry ensured that we knew who was in charge, ensured that the contractors respected site rules (including no speeding on the plantation dirt roads) and made sure that the site was safe and secure at all times. Terry treated his contractors and suppliers with respect –as he did us.
  • On time construction and no surprises. Although, given my professional experience building and running commercial operations around the world I am used to a more “formal” timeline, Terry delivered the project in line with his original commitment. His and Jeff’s cost tracking and monthly invoices were clear, complete and accurate. We had no queries or disagreements.

In summary, we were very pleased with our experience. The end result is something of which we are proud. Living the project was fun, in contrast to previous experiences in Chicago. The cost estimate was accurate and respected. The finished project exceeds our expectations.


– Mr. and Mrs. H.

We considered several contractors once our architectural plans were completed by Virginia Lane for our property on Bailey Island. In the selection process, I contacted a number of references supplied by the respective contractors. While all the contractors received high marks, there was a uniquely positive theme which ran through those with whom you had worked. That common thread was the personal involvement, unyielding dedication and commitment and enormous integrity exhibited by you and Jeff and your entire team.

A number of the other contractors were larger and higher profile but it was clear that your customers were passionate about their good fortune in selecting you.

In our first meeting with you and Jeff in which we reviewed, along with Virginia, your construction plan and associated cost estimates, it was clear we were on the same page. You put considerable work into providing detailed plans and estimates, backed up by specific commitments from your subcontractors. Your personal involvement and intimacy with the plans was clear and impressive.

Beyond just pricing out the architectural plans, you offered several creative options of materials and design for our consideration, including the specific associated ramifications. You presented this in an objective way without any disparagement of the drawings. It was clear that your priority was our satisfaction even if this meant less profit and more hassle for you.

From the outset, it was apparent that you saw this process as collaborative with all parties.

Once we made our decision to go forward together, you personally dedicated yourself to fulfilling our dreams for this house. You managed the entire process with the utmost dedication and professionalism. As with any home construction, we were faced with lots of decisions and alternative considerations. You were very thoughtful in these deliberations. Sheila and I felt as if you were always our advocate.

The understanding and time-tested relationship you enjoy with the many subs involved was invaluable, yielding a high level of respect and mutual trust with your team and the subs. You also know how to be demanding and forceful when necessary.

Throughout the building process and even to this day, you have remained dedicated and immediately accessible to our interests. You and your team are a pleasure to work with and we feel blessed to have had this relationship.

— Mr. and Mrs. P.

We had our very first experience with building a house and it has been successful and fun AND we achieved just what we wanted. We chose Terry Hoff Construction immediately after meeting Terry personally. As he described his standards for building, the “process” of building, and his expectations of us, it was immediately apparent that this is a builder of high standards, personal integrity, and skill. He listened to our expectations and it was a match.

Particularly, we relied on Terry (and his office staff, Jeff) for advice, direction and regular communication. We lived at a distance from Edisto and had much contact via phone and E-mail but it was so important to us to understand and know what was happening and be assured that building was progressing appropriately. Terry and Jeff were communicative, responsive, timely, and guided us at each step of the way with their needs for decisions. We developed much trust in Terry very early in the process and he never let us down.

Terry’s attention to detail and his perfectionism in his building is what comes to mind when we think of the beautiful house which “we” built. It is obvious that Terry is involved in every aspect of the building and oversees every single step. It is evident that Terry takes great pride in the homes he builds and is highly engaged in the design as well as the building. He relies on an exceptional crew and exceptional sub-contractors. Every individual we met, from the electrician, painters, product vendors indicated that Terry would not accept anything less than perfection. The finished house shows this.

Finally, our house was completed within the time frame planned and we came in under budget! The final “punch list” has been minimal. And Terry guarantees all his work. We know he will stand by this. We highly respect and trust Terry Hoff.

– Dusty and Nancy B.


Our experience with having Terry Hoff build our new home on Edisto Beach was terrific! After our first meeting with Terry, we knew we could trust him to build our ideal house.

Terry, his staff and crew took nothing for granted. If they had a question, they always asked us to make sure everything was done right the first time and to our complete satisfaction. Terry listened to our concerns and ideas even if they were new to him like the bamboo flooring. It was very obvious that Terry has a great working relationship with his subcontractors and they all do high quality work. Terry not only stayed within budget but finished the house well ahead of our original deadline.

We continue to be impressed with the quality of our home. If we had it to do all over again would we have Terry build our house? In a heartbeat!

– Karen M. and Dean & Barbara H.

Just wanted to let you know how much Barbara and I enjoyed working with you during the construction of our new home at Edisto beach. You made, what is usually an unpleasant experience, very pleasurable through your professionalism and attention to detail. It seemed as if every stage was thoroughly considered beforehand and the work progressed without any oversights or unpleasant surprises. We also found both you and your subcontractors to be enthusiastic about the project and feel as if everyone took great pride in their job.

– Lloyd and Barbara M.

We met Terry Hoff three years before we contracted with him to build our home. Terry was quick to return phone calls and respond to even the smallest issues. Terry and his team made building an incredibly smooth and pleasant experience. Our home was on time and on budget despite intricate details. Terry and his team went beyond the call of duty! We highly recommend Terry Hoff and Hoff Construction Company.

- Karen and Steve H.

We would like to take this opportunity to highly recommend Terry Hoff Construction Company. We could not have been more pleased with the results of the construction of our home in The Hammocks at Edisto Island, SC.

The whole process, from beginning to end, of the construction of our home was a very satisfying experience for us. We were impressed with the professional results, as well as, the integrity of the company.

Our project moved in a most professional and timely basis. Terry and his crew had innovative ideas that often improved design and functionality. The quality of work was excellent, and particular attention was paid to trim detail. Even though we were building from a distance, we were kept up-to-date on the progress of the construction, and Terrywas always available to answer questions. He became, not only our contractor, but also a good friend.

– Joe and Janet S.

I want you to know how very pleased I am with our new home at Edisto. Sandra and I have owned six new homes in the forty-five years we have been married. I certainly feel qualified to say that the excellence in the quality of construction in this house surpasses all others.

Terry’s subcontractors were exceptional, most of them have been with him for many years. Terry Hoff takes great pride in building his homes, he is a “one on one” builder, and I felt very fortunate to have him as my builder. You know building is all about details and Terry excels in this area. We have a beautiful home of superior construction, and we thank Terry Hoff Construction.

– Jim and Sandra C.

In I999 we purchased our first vacation lot for our dream home at Edisto Beach, SC. Both Lisa and I had built houses and many stores during our life, but this vacation home was very special to us. During my 25 years of building stores, spec homes and restaurants, I had dealt with many builders and construction companies, but none were as easy and accommodating as Terry to deal with. From the very first day of construction to the last it was as if Lisa and I could have stayed in Manning and moved in when the home was through.

Not only has Terry been the best contractor we have ever dealt with but he has become a friend as well.

– Joey and Lisa M.

In 1971, Bobby and I moved to Newberry, SC. We had to buy a house over the telephone because there were no houses on the market. Later, we wanted to build a house, but we were advised by a friend that our marriage may not withstand the tension. So instead we bought another house.

In 1990, when our son was serving in the Persian Gulf, we bought a lot on Edisto facing St. Helena Sound for him to look forward to on his return. Several years ago some friends highly recommended Terry Hoff for our building project. He was so highly recommended that we had to wait for him to start our venture – well, it was worth the wait; Terry proved to us that we could build a house together and survive.

Thanks to Terry Hoff, we built a house three hours away from Newberry, and it was so easy. He did everything first class, and he looked after us. Many people have looked at his creation and have told us that he is definitely first class – some of the people are builders, too!

We love what he has done for us. It has been over a year since we moved into our house, and Terry is still checking in on us.

Terry Hoff is the finest!!!

– Bobby and Georgette L.

Our home was designed for and around our family and the activities we cherish on Edisto. We wanted to capture the water and marsh view of Store Creek and create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in our home. Working with Terry Hoff, we believe that we succeeded in all of these areas. Our experience in working with Terry and his men was most rewarding and enjoyable. Terry easily met our schedule and we finished within our budget. His integrity and honesty are beyond approach. Terry’s expertise in the building of our homes was greatly appreciated and his craftsmanship was superior. We truly feel he sets the standard for excellence and quality.

- Van Leer R.

Living in Southern California and building a home on Edisto Island may appear to most to be an ominous undertaking. We can say without a doubt it was a positive, enjoyable and successful experience from the beginning to completion, and we attribute the success of our project to our builder, Terry Hoff. From the first piling set into the ground to the last detail before turning over the keys to our beautiful new home, Terry was there every step of the way, providing us with detailed check lists and spreadsheets for cost calculations, and time-lines for decisions to be made. In addition he kept in constant contact with us throughout the building process.

Terry has earned the respect and admiration of his clients, of whom we have had the pleasure of meeting many, and also that of his sub-contractors and vendors. We heard time and time again that Terry Hoff will accept nothing less than perfection. We found this to be true. We also found that the sub-contractors Terry selected to work for him are talented craftsmen and are also committed to perfection. We knew from the moment we first met Terry Hoff that he is a man of the highest integrity, and we could put our trust in him to build the home of our dreams. Terry has been there for us from the beginning and is there for us now if we need him…asked if we would build again…we can say without hesitation, “yes”, IF TERRY HOFF IS OUR BUILDER.

- Arlene and Haynes K.


We anticipated an arduous and prolonged building experience, since we were living 125 miles away from our new home site. Instead, it turned out to be painless and enjoyable – thanks to Terry Hoff and his supervision and motivation of his employees and subs.

Terry’s commitment to quality is not just a philosophy – it’s something he insists on and achieves day-by-day. In many cases his demands for high quality were greater than our own.

Our house was finished ahead of schedule, and even our architect, who did not participate during building, was impressed and pleased when he saw it for the first time finished.

– Mr. and Mrs. James M. B.

I’ve been meaning to write this note for a while now because I wanted to let you know how blessed Rick and I feel that you are our builder! I feel strongly that the lord has led us to you and I am so grateful. Your expertise, your professionalism, your diligence and your patience are exceptional! Plus you’re such a nice guy. this house is a dream house in large part due to you and your crew. It is such a pleasure working with you. Rick and I both look forward to spending time with you and your family beyond completion of our house. Many, many, many thanks!

Kathy S.

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